5 Tips for a Good Paint Job

Toss the Project

I love the idea of redeeming objects. When I see something with potential, I grab it. That tossed out chair by the dumpster. That dresser someone is selling for pennies at a yard sale. That yardage of fabric grandma doesn't want. My home is decorated with re-purposed or renovated items. It's cheap and it's rewarding, but it has a dark side. For every warm feeling that comes from finishing a piece of reclaimed furniture, there is the ever-looming guilt of what is yet to be finished. There's not much that stresses me out more than unfinished projects. The do-it-yourself becomes do-it-or-else. The undone does not go unnoticed. So enough! Just because it can be done, doesn't mean I should do it! There is a time for seizing and redeeming, and there is a time for releasing and relaxing. Today, toss one of those burdens. Evaluate your awaiting project and ask yourself if it will be worth the time. Is it worth the daily weight it puts on you before you can finish it? If it's not, send it to charity or put it by the curb for the next ambitious project manager. Who knows? It may be exactly what someone else needs right now.


Affluenza is an overwhelming sense of dissatisfaction amidst bountiful provision. While we desire to "count our blessings," we dread the upkeep of our possessions. Being thankful becomes difficult because we have too much. Let's be honest, all of this accumulation just doesn't bring affirmation.There is a book I recommend which helps address Affluenza. It's called Lose 200 Pounds This Weekend by Don Aslett. While taking a huge pile to the local Goodwill may not nip the bud of American consumerism, it may be a great start to the new year. Why not? We have so much to gain by losing some of the stuff. Read the book. It's fun and motivating. When you finish, pass the book on to someone else who wants it.